Upcoming workshops 2019

My goal with this short workshop is to give you a practical emotional “First Aid” tool that you can use to manage stress, anxiety, overwhelm and physical pain. I want you to feel that you have gained understanding of why you feel and react in certain ways when under continuous stress. You will walk out of the workshop with an easy (although very funny looking!) tool that you can apply immediately and in a very practical manner to reduce the stress level and promote your personal health.

NEW WORKSHOP – End Emotional Eating with EFT tapping

Do you have a sneaky feeling that there is something deeper at play as to why you keep on using food for comfort despite “knowing what you should be doing”? This workshop is for you who are open-minded to explore a very funny looking, but highly effective, acupressure technique EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – aka. tapping) to your daily practice. You are also not afraid to face the root cause of why you use food to deal with emotions.

In this very interactive and deep going workshop, we will be focusing on:

  • why EFT tapping seems to work so well to release food cravings
  • work specifically with your own trigger foods, so make sure you bring your favourite chocolate bar or bag of crisps 🙂
  • make sure you have a toolbox full of practical and doable tools that will help you re-focus your thoughts before reaching the fridge

N.B. This workshop is not going to be about what, when or how much to eat. It’s also not going to cover how, and when to exercise, although building new, sustainable habits for these issues might be a nice side effect of our work together.

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