I’ve just left my thirties and this is how I feel about it!

IMG_5765I just turned 40 this week! I thought I would have a major 40-year crisis,  but on the contrary, I feel extremely happy, curious and excited about what this next decade is going to bring.  I truly feel that I’ve stepped in to the age of wisdom, peace and power! The busy 30ies are over.

I have a lot to thank my  5, 10,15, 20 and 30-something self for though. Without her resilience, determination and willingness to change I wouldn’t be here and embrace this new decade in the way I do now. Without her decisions, her courage and her eagerness to learn new things, I wouldn’t have entered my 40-ies in the radiant and excited way I do now.

ängel Ingrid och mammaIf you take the time and reflect on what gifts your younger self has equipped you with, you will start to notice how it all fits together. Life is indeed a tapestry being woven as you go along being busy with grocery shopping, cleaning and folding laundry. It is being woven as you make life changing connections, learn new things, take classes/courses/programs, read books and watch inspiring movies.

IMG_5768I feel somewhat lighter stepping in to this new decade, without all the “must do’s” of my 30-year old self -> “I have to have reached this position/salary bracket/travelled to…/fill in the blank… before I turn 40.” It’s stressful, fun, exciting, exhausting and confusing at the same time.

IMG_5766I see a lot of clients in their 40ies, as I believe it’s one of these big turning points in life.  It’s when you start evaluating your decisions, values, and beliefs. It’s when you start recognising where your limiting beliefs come from,  and the old wounds that has made you NOT pursue your deepest desires shows it’s ugly face.

I see it as an excellent time to be doing an emotional Spring Clean and start living your life in a way that makes you happy instead. This is the only life we will get and you might as well enjoy the ride and fulfil all your desires!


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  1. Renu Simek
    Renu Simek says:

    The way you have expressed yourself is simply amazing… wish you lots of good luck for your 40ssss.


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