Can you relate?

Oh the feelings of anger, resentment and sadness that bubble up within me every time I think about “the kilos I should be losing”. And yet I keep on sabotaging myself by continuing to eat what I “shouldn’t”, leading me to feel even more angry and disappointed with myself.

Here is the most frustrating thing, I know exactly what I “should be eating” and how I “should be exercising” in order to loose the weight. I have so many supportive friends who are nutrition and health professionals, and they have (countless times) tried to help me get on the right track.

I’ve read thousands of testimonials from other people loosing a significant amount of weight, and they ALL end by saying “If I managed to do it, anyone can!” I’m sure they mean it, but I just end up feeling like I want to scream (…or inhale an entire pack of biscuits).

The irony, of course, is that I work professionally with THE proven tool that can help shifting things in the brain. EFT tapping has now been shown to reduce food cravings. In her recent study, Dr. Peta Stapelton at Bond University in Australia, has produced a very interesting results on how effective EFT tapping is when it comes to reduce, and in some cases even eliminate food cravings. She even has MRI scan pictures to prove it! But do these facts encourage me to incorporate EFT to my daily habits? Of course not!

Why is that?

Because it scary, difficult, tedious, and oh so lonely to try and shift big issues like using food for comfort on your own. We are wired for connection. We need a tribe of supporters who truly want us to succeed. A group of caring friends who can cheer us on when we are having a bad day, and who we can count on for support when we fall of the wagon.