My struggle with emotional eating

I just got my two copies of Jessica Ortner’s new book The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss ad Body Confidence, and I absolutely LOVE it!

And what would EFT Tapping and weight loss have to do with grief, you might think.

Emotional bagage

Well, too many times I’ve had Grief Recovery clients that absolutely hate themselves and their bodies. I often hear phrases starting with “I’m so silly…”, “I’m not good enough…”, “Stupid me…” etc, etc, etc. Why is it that we are so good att hating ourselves and our bodies, without even blinking an eye? We would NEVER speak to a friend, or even someone random on the street, in that manner!

I’m going to use myself as an example. I know, you who know me might say “But you don’t have a weight problem!” No and yes, I totally get that I’m not struggling with a huge amount of overweight but stay with me on this because it all boils down to unresolved emotional issues!

It actually started as I did am first year abroad in England. I was 20, just finished school and eager to get out in the World and learn languages. But as I arrived, reality hit me. School English was NOT how real British people spoke, and I was struggling majorly to keep up with the tempo, new words and also being away from home and my friends for the first time.

By the time I had translated what I wanted to say, my new colleagues were 5 topics down the line and I had missed my opportunity to add my part to the conversation. As a normally very verbal, out-going, bubbly person I felt trapped behind my inability to communicate! I was feeling really uncomfortable and I resolved the issue by tagging along to the pub EVERY night, drinking alcohol and eating really bad food (like Custard Cream biscuits! Lots of them! And Galaxy chocolate bars…).

Not until I arrived at Stockholm Airport did I realise how bad it had affected me as my mum gasped and said “What have you DONE to yourself, Karin?!” Shock, horror! It was THAT obvious! I had gained SEVEN KILOS in less than 4 months!

That, in turn, triggered self loathing and shame in me. WHY (oh why) couldn’t I stop myself from eating “bad stuff” or keep to the diet or exercise program that I had set for myself? Every time I set new “rules” I already knew deep inside that I was going to fail this time again.

So, this is where EFT Tapping comes in, weaved in neatly with the experience I have from Grief Coaching. Because we ALL carry luggage around that has made us believe certain things about ourselves and our capabilities (or lack thereof), whether it is weight issues or the beliefs around not being successful, not having enough money, not have the ability to find your dream partner or start that dream business…(fill in the blank). EFT Tapping will help you resolve those deep rooted issues and break that habit of sabotaging yourself. I’m right now working with my EFT Tapping certification clients, and they are making huge shifts!

We will look at how you can:

  • overcome the overwhelm
  • silence the critical voice in your head
  • get past the events and patterns that keep you stuck
  • end self-sabotage
  • start living your life feeling light, happy and confident!




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