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My own story about deep grief and profound healing.

It feels like I’ve got two lives, the one before getting married in September 2005 and one after. My first life included working and studying abroad and starting a career in the hotel business based in Stockholm, Sweden. My first major loss took place in September 2001, when my father passed away after a long […]

I’ve just left my thirties and this is how I feel about it!

I just turned 40 this week! I thought I would have a major 40-year crisis,  but on the contrary, I feel extremely happy, curious and excited about what this next decade is going to bring.  I truly feel that I’ve stepped in to the age of wisdom, peace and power! The busy 30ies are over. […]

The day I lost my dad

It was September 2001. The world was in turmoil after the 9/11 events in USA, and my dad was in hospital with end stage cancer. Me and my (then) boyfriend (now husband) were on holiday in Spain as I got the call from my mum. “Dad is in a really bad state and you don’t […]

“We were going to have a baby, but we had an Angel instead”

Book: “We were going to have a baby, but we had an Angel instead” Author: Pat Schwiebert. About: A children’s book told from a young child’s perspective about the excitement and dreams of a coming baby, and the disappointment and sadness of a miscarriage. Beautiful ink and watercolour illustrations. Karin’s point of view: I bought […]

The loss of hopes and dreams

On the 14th of May 2007 I did not only loose my child, I also lost all the hopes and dreams that I had painted up in my mind while she was growing in my belly. To finally be a little family. To see her develop and grow. To experience her first tooth, her first […]

“Our little angel is going to leave us”

This is a blog post I wrote on the Swedish Forum  Familjeliv.se on January 26, 2007: “On 18 September 2006 our little angle was born. She was perfect and we were so happy to have got such a pretty girl. At the 2-month check up the paediatrician discovered that she had wasn’t moving the way […]

It took me nine years to face my grief

It took me NINE years to reach that point of exhaustion where I just said to myself “I really, really, really need to get help to finally let go of the all the pain and drama in my life”. By that time I had lost my dad, moved abroad and lost my first born daughter […]

What are you afraid of?

We all have them, FEARS that keep us at bay, playing small, not daring to live our dreams, and not “rock the boat”. I grew up in Sweden the country where we actually have a LAW that states the following (taken from Wikipedia): The Law of Jante is the idea that there is a pattern of group behaviour towards […]

So it is Christmas…

We are now two weeks away from Christmas! A lot of us are  busy getting all the Christmas gifts, food shopping and family plans in order for the big holiday! But for many this Christmas will be the first one celebrated…. without their loved one without their beloved pet without their partner (and maybe children) […]