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X-mas stress or X-mas stillness, it’s actually your choice

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed about the fact that Christmas is in 24 days time (or 23 if you are Swedish like me ) ? Why? What’s triggering that stress? What NEEDS to happen this month that makes you feel oh so overwhelmed? Just stop and ask yourself, “What is making me feel so […]

My shopping list for YOU

This morning I was rushing off to Lidl to get some groceries for dinner. As I arrived at the store I dove in to my pocket for my grocery shopping list that I had so diligently written that morning while serving my kids breakfast, brushing teeth, packing lunch boxes and shouting out orders to hurry up… […]

Moving on; how to heal your heart after divorce

I’m on thin ice here because I haven’t gone through a divorce myself, and I don’t want to pretend I know anything about how it is. I really want to be clear on that as I want to be authentic. However, I’ve just witnessed the devastation, grief and overwhelm that close friends and family have gone through […]

What are you really eating?

I must have read at least a hundred self development books and signed up for a dozen self-help courses dealing with weight issues, self-care, fitness, cleanses and stress management over the years! The problem was to make any of the methods stick. I started every Program or book very enthusiastically the first couple of days or […]

My struggle with emotional eating

I just got my two copies of Jessica Ortner’s new book The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss ad Body Confidence, and I absolutely LOVE it! And what would EFT Tapping and weight loss have to do with grief, you might think. Well, too many times I’ve had Grief Recovery clients that absolutely hate themselves and […]

Will it ever get better?

It’s “that day” again this week. The 14th of May. The day that will forever be marked as the day Ingrid died. We call it her Angel Day, the day she got her wings back again. That day used to be blacker than black. I would take the day off work because I knew I […]

Schwerkrank und trotzdem zu Hause (English translation of the article below)

Artikelautorin: Bea Blaser, Einsatzleitung kispex Kinder-Spitex Kt. Zürich für INTERCURA Nr. 98, Sommer 2007. Auch Kinder leiden an schweren, chronischen, zum Tode führenden Krankheiten. Die kispex, Kinder-Spitex Kt. Zürich pflegt und betreut seit 1995 kranke Kinder von 0-18 Jahren zu Hause, in ihrem gewohnten Umfeld. Leiden Kinder an einer unheilbaren Krankheit, haben sie und ihre […]

My very first post EVER

Did a little time travelling this evening and found my very first blog post from May 26th 2011. It’s amazing what can happen in three years time! From unemployed to starting my first business (Parenthood Puzzle), to certified Grief Recovery Specialist with over 30 finished clients (and that’s just in the last 1.5 years)! From […]

EFT Tapping – my newest tool!

As you might have seen on my Facebook Page, I’ve been in Stockholm to do my EFT Tapping practitioner course! So how will this benefit you? First, let me tell you a little bit about what EFT Tapping actually is. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and it’s a type of Meridian Tapping that combines ancient […]