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Dear listeners and viewers of the Gentle Business Revolution Podcast with Sarah Santacroce, Here is the PDF to the workbook was referring to during the episode. Feel free to print it out and work it through. If you have any questions, please contact me, I’m happy to help! Here is a link to a list […]

How you become the person that knows what to say – facing adversity, grief and crisis

I decided to go for a walk today. In my headphones, the podcast ‘On Being’ where the host was interviewing Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, and Adam Grant, professor of psychology.They talked about Sheryl’s loss of her husband Dave and how that triggered the creations of their book and non-profit organization ‘Option B’. […]

8 tips on how to support a family in grief

  The most devastating journey of my entire life. Two days before we flew back to Sweden for the Christmas holidays, we had received the most devastating news a parent can get; Ingrid had a terminal genetic disease and had about 5 more months to live. Now we had to face our families and friends […]

The five stages of grief

You expect to quit a job, not get fired from it. You expect to be married to your partner for the rest of your life, not end up filing for divorce. You expect to fall pregnant with ease, not to have to go through numerous rounds of fertility treatments and miscarriages along the way. You […]

How to use EFT tapping with children

My soon-to-be-seven-year-old daughter had decided that it would be a fabulous idea to grab one of the bed mattresses and use it a sledge to speed down the stairs. Instead of gracefully sliding down, she was flung off the mattress mid-way down and crash-landed at the bottom of the stairs, screaming from shock and pain. […]

How to make a Vision Board

It has arrived, the new year. 2016. A fresh beginning with lots of hope, ideas, and “this year I’m going to…” I don’t do new year’s resolutions any longer, instead I make a vision board and find a theme for the year. In the video below I’m going to take you through my own vision […]

Enough is enough!

First I have to confess that I’ve had enough… …of sabotaging for myself. …of hiding my true self because of what others might think of me. …of putting off extreme self-care routines because I’m “too busy”. The list could go on and on. Sounds familiar? What have you had enough of? Have you had enough of letting […]

Discovery workshop: EFT tapping – 5 May 2015

What would you like to let go of? Being an entrepreneur myself I’ve had to face many fears and limiting beliefs about myself and the world. EFT tapping has been the number one technique for me to get over these hurdles, and it’s something I’m now helping my clients to do as well. In this […]