“Are you not going to have a 3rd child?”

It’s time to let off some steam… As more and more of our friends are going the “third child” route I find myself overwhelmed with all those horrible thought and feelings that are so tabu to talk about.

First of all, we HAVE a third child already and our number three is called Victor. The next time someone asks why we don’t want to have a third (generally someone I only know from the play ground) I’m going to SCREAM! Second, IT’S SO F**ING UNFAIR that we don’t have all three children with us physically to stop all those who wonders why we don’t want to have a third. And third, I went through THREE pregnancies, THREEx8 months with sleepless nights, THREEx8 months of diaper changing, feeding, weighing, playing, singing, cuddling, loving… and I need to get that straight once and for all, most importantly in my OWN head because I don’t feel like I have the evidence that we have a third.

I confess, whenever I hear about yet another “third child” I cringe and feel this big wave of sadness. It’s no ones intention, it’s no ones “doing”, it just is what it is and I’m responsible for these feelings. Even if we would have liked another kid I just can’t bear the thought of going through a 4th nerve wrecking 11 weeks of pregnancy, then the genetic test, and if it has SMA we need to go through an abortion and try again.

So please, for all of you who tells me the good news that a third is on it’s way, I’m really happy for you, I truly am, but also bare with me if I act a bit weird afterwards, I’m working on it. Just needed to vent.

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  1. Rachelle
    Rachelle says:

    Beloved Karin,

    Sorry, I really LOVE the raw energy, the authenticity and utter vulnerability of your blog! Can’t think of anything to say that would piss you off, unless, unintentionally I have just done it 🙂 Wow, that takes guts to get so REAL. Because my body won’t allow pregnancy I went through many years of odd looks, comments and labels, still do sometimes. People love to share their thoughts on how others should live their lives instead of “sweeping up” in their own.

    • Karin
      Karin says:

      Thank you for your words Rachelle!! I just LOVE being REAL because that might benefit others too, at least that’s my intention. You are the best <3

  2. Kes
    Kes says:

    Brave words. I appreciate your honesty about Ingrid. And what a beautiful wee girl she was!
    We have one child through IVF and have decided for various reasons not to try again. But every announcement of a second child, every question about when we’re going to have the next, every comment about only children (I never wanted to have an only child) and even every time I see a ‘Phil and Ted’s’ pushchair hurts a little.
    I know, like you do, that people aren’t deliberately being thoughtless in what they say, and that my raw heart makes me over-sensitive, but it still gets tiresome sometimes!


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