How I went from being a heartbroken, energy drained, bereaved mother, to fully recovery from my grief – and become a healer of broken hearts.

I never expected to be a Life Crisis Coach. I was minding my own business, working in hotel management in Stockholm. Then we got married and decided to move abroad. Life was exciting. I was learning a new language and looking for new opportunities within the hotel business in Zürich.

But then Life happened. BIG TIME.

When our baby girl turned 3 months we received a devastating diagnosis. She had a genetic disease called Spinal Muscle Atrophy type 1 and she would only live for another few months. Our hearts were smashed in tiny pieces, and I had no idea how we would be able to survive this enormous grief as parents, as a couple, as individuals.

It wasn’t just the loss of a life that I so desperately grieved, but I also lost all the hopes and dreams that I had painted in my head and heart while she was growing in my belly.

To be a little family. To watch her develop and grow. To experience her getting her first tooth. To celebrate her first birthday. To watch her take her first steps and listen to her first words. To teach and guide her through childhood, teenage years and adulthood. To stand by her, support her and cheer her on, comfort her, encourage her and love her unconditionally.

All of that was lost.

This was not where I had expected to be at age 32. A bereaved, heartbroken mother with no energy left in her body or soul.

However, and much to my surprise, I found tools that made it possible for me  to heal my broken heart, and to recover from the most devastating period of my life. I managed to get my hope back, I found courage to stat again, and I also found my true purpose in the process. To become the person I had so desperately looked for to hold my hand when Ingrid was dying.

I decided to certify myself in the very process that had helped me heal my broken heart, as a Grief Recovery Specialist and EFT tapping practitioner. I have also added deeper, more spiritual tools and certifications as well, as dealing with lives toughest situations sometimes goes way outside the spectrum of today’s science and more into the spiritual realm.

My purpose is to support you throughout your healing journey.

I will help you in letting go of unresolved grief, disappointments and negative life experiences so that you can feel calm, clear and confident in your life again.