5 year Angel Party today <3

Today it’s 5 years ago that Ingrid joined her angel friends in heaven and we are celebrating the occasion with cake and candles!

Elin and Victor thinks it’s great that we get to celebrate her TWICE per year, that means two extra parties 🙂 And I know for a fact that Ingrid sees and enjoys being celebrated, so that’s an even stronger reason to do it. I also know that she LOVES parties and being in the centre of attention (much like her mother and her siblings…), so a party is just the right thing to have on a day like this!

Happy angel day, gorgeous Ingrid! You continue to touch people with your presence and your story. We love you, always <3

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  1. Ilona Veldhuizen
    Ilona Veldhuizen says:

    Hi Ingrid,

    Thanks for your inspirational blog and our heartfelt condolances with te departure of your lovely Ingrid. We have a 5 month old son (our first), who has SMA type 1. Like you we imediately decided after hearing the diagnosis to celebrate his live as long as it may be. We can mourn him a lifetime after his departure. We only hope he will go softly.
    I found your website on my general quest for information and I recognize your general attitude towards life as my own. I will keep following your blog! Greetings from the Netherlands.


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