My shopping list for YOU

IMG_6813 This morning I was rushing off to Lidl to get some groceries for dinner. As I arrived at the store I dove in to my pocket for my grocery shopping list that I had so diligently written that morning while serving my kids breakfast, brushing teeth, packing lunch boxes and shouting out orders to hurry up… You get the picture, right?

What I got out was the list that you can see in the picture above! I stopped dead in my tracks and started giggling, and then I giggled some more!

This my friends, it the result of brainstorming I did at the kitchen table (hence the mix up of lists) to answer the question “What value are you bringing to your clients?” So this shopping list is actually for YOU! These items on that list  is what I want for YOU. These items exist within you, and my job (passion to be more precise) is to be your guide on that treasure hunt for more wellbeing, grace, hopefulness, fearlessness, and empowerment (Wanbun, I didn’t find the “fearless” aisle, and no Johan, the guy at the check out just looked at me sheepishly when I asked where the grace & hopefulness-shelf  was… 🙂 ).

So if you have these items, any or all, KNOW that it’s possible to achieve it! I wish you all a wonderful, shining, blissful Wednesday and I hope that your day starts with a giggle too 🙂 Karin