Yesterday evening I had the pleasure and privilege to listen to Tina Thörner’s lecture in Zürich. I brought my pink note book and my table neighbours asked me why I had brought it. Well, if I have the opportunity to witness one of our top class motivational speakers I’m surely going to take notes, and I’m so glad iI did!

Here is what I noted down, and hence the lessons, inspiration, motivation and joy I brought with me:

  • Health – both mental and physical health need to be optimal if you want to succeed. Talk to your cells that are actually building your body. (I was too shy to put my hand up and confess when she asked if anyone was talking to their bodies, as so many others of my role models advocate, because I do!).
  • You need to know where you are going, hence draw a map of your goals and what’s important in your life – ALL aspects of your life, not just your professional life.
  • The biggest hurdle to get over are our own negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours. What is your outlook on life – positive or negative?
  • What words can I sue to make myself and others prosper, instead of using words that put people down?
  • How can I bring out in others their sense of enthusiasm, joy, pride and sense of belonging?
  • Dare to find new ways, there is ALWAYS a way to reach your goals.
  • Every day is precious, so go out and (dare to) live your dreams!

And that, my friends, was worth bringing the notebook for!