When mommy breaks…

All of a sudden my back decided to give up on me! It started this Saturday, in the evening, and the pain spread down my left leg until it got so painful that I could no longer walk.

Sunday was mostly spent crying from pain and my kids were confused as to why their normally fit and very active mom was now lying on the cough crying like a baby. The doctor had to come and hit me with the strongest painkillers available in her doctors bag, Elin watched with big eyes and then ran off to get her own doctor kit, so sweet!

So now I’m stuck, can’t lift my son up to change his diapers, can’t sit by their bed side telling stories, can’t cook, clean or do the laundry. The only thing I can do is lie down and rest my back. Luckily I’ve got the best husband ever, even if I can see that it’s very stressful for him to be home from work and managing everything when I can just lie there and watch. Frustrating for me as well, as I’m normally the one getting everything done!

I just want to stress HOW IMPORTANT it is for the mother to be fit, happy and strong. I even lectured about just that for the Spoogle group at Google Zurich office on Thursday (more on that in my next post), and then I end up breaking myself! Maybe I will now understand the importance of eating well, exercise and take EXTRA SPECIAL GOOD CARE of myself from now on. It doesn’t do anyone in the family good when mommy breaks, please remember that and take care of yourself!


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  1. María Laplace
    María Laplace says:

    Hey, Karin. How are you? Long time no see. I cannot beleive I ended up on your website…I didn’t even know it existed. Selina sent an email with the upcoming CCourses, which led me to Edson’s blog and your name was there.

    I felt really happy when I saw your picture. There is some sunshine always on your face and you can really transmmit that. (am not sure that word exists in English, but it makes sense in Spanish 😉 i hope u understand it).

    The whole point is. I have time to surf that much the internet because i am in bed with strong painkillers due to a problem in my back. So far that’s the only thing i can do since in bed is the place i have less pain. The results of the MRT will be today. So far it seems it is the best it could be out of all the possibilities.

    I should use this time to finish the vision board (which was an album). I started it in 2009, and did not finish…no comment 🙁

    I hope you had a nice trip to Sweden and enjoy your meeting.
    Big hug.
    María (using health issues as a chance to get in contact with you again).

    • Karin
      Karin says:

      Dear Maria! I hope all is well with you! I was so happy to read your message 🙂 Hope your scan went well and that you will be well soon. Hope to see you very soon. Just got back from “off line” holidays in Sweden 🙂 Big hug!


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