“Karin’s bright smile and steady supportive spirit always lifted my mood and made me feel held and valued. She is a wonderful listener and helps you to believe that evolving into your true self is not only possible, but just around the corner. This is a woman who can make a significant positive impact on others and therefore on the world.”S.H, Skype client, Switzerland

“I was new to EFT and thought I’d just give it a try out of curiosity. whilst using this technique I noticed that we were resolving issues that I wasn’t aware of but that had been blocking me unconsciously. Karin is an outstanding coach – authentic, warm and has an amazing sense of timing and words. I can highly recommend her!”F.K, Skype client, Switzerland

“Karin is a fantastic EFT tapping practitioner! Her genuine talent for what needs to be said and what thoughts and emotions need to be aired out is beyond astonishing. I wholeheartedly encourage you to work with Karin, she’s changed my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” H.B, Zürich, Switzerland

“Karin introduced me to EFT tapping and I was amazed how well it worked from the first time I tried it! I really felt that strong perceptions of myself got a completely different form with tapping. It’s best done together with Karin first, but I like the fact that I can continue tapping as much as I want on my own, just knowing that Karin is a wonderful coach behind me who I can always contact if I’m stuck.” L.L, St Gallen, Switzerland

“Taking the step toward recovery was hard, but I am so glad I did it. The Grief Recovery Method is for those that are truly ready for life-changing help in how to heal a broken heart. I can only encourage people who are ready to BE the change in their life to trust all the years of experience that the program is based on, they know what they are talking about and CAN help you if you are ready for it. Just hold out your hand, Karin will be there waiting. Thank you from the bottom of my heart-in-healing.” A.W, Skype client, Switzerland 

“Before undertaking the program I was drowning in grief and guilt about the loss of my child. With Karin’s help I was able to work through much of this and see things clearer. I feel that a big weight has been lifted.” R.W, Skype client, Switzerland

“Karin has an amazing gift, to be able to give you the space, love and respect to finally be able for you to give voice to all your thinking about grief. I lost my son seven years ago, and I was able to speak about things that had never expressed in all that time. I loved that I was also able to recognise the gifts that he had given me, all this time later, and how he will always be part of my life.” T.S, Skype client, Switzerland

“One gets out of this program exactly what one puts in. I feel the grievers input is promoted and definitely achievable when trust and unwaning help is provided – which certainly allowed me to work towards my recovery in a very short time. Karin is a perfect advocate for this help and support and I’m very pleased I found her through Internet. Thank you so much.” H.J, Switzerland

“I have tried the Grief Recovery Method with Karin to go over my grief when splitting after a very long relationship. I was quite in pieces, when I found out what Karin was doing and went thought the 8 week therapy with her. After that period, I can’t explain why, but my grief almost magically evaporated and I am now happy again and able to continue my new life in a positive way. Karin is amazing, she is very emphatic with people and she has got real interest in the well being of her clients. I recommend the Grief Recovery Program to anyone that has got something that has not been properly closed and is taking out living energy out of every day life.” R.R, Switzerland

“One can get a lot out of this program when s/he is ready and committed to live again! I was one of those people who understand the deep impact of grief in life yet did not really know how to deal and digest it. Karin and this program provided a life-changing process and a safe environment for me to take concrete, do-able steps in re-building my life after my Dad passed away in summer 2012. Feeling empowered, clear-minded and at peace would be the words I’d use to describe how I feel now after completing the program. Expect quite an intense guided process, that requires courage and a lot of reflections. It is worth it!” A.M, Switzerland