Second clue…

I managed getting the kids to bed before 20:00, on my own!! So I decided to have a nice evening watching Dr. Wayne Dyer’s lecture ( named “What’s your calling?”. And since I was sitting here in peace and quiet I decided to enjoy a lovely piece of dark chocolate. What happens? I start feeling bloated and a tiny bit sick! Had to write this down really quick so  I don’t decide to ignore it because chocolate is sooooooo good!

Back to the lecture! See you soon!

Stuck in “Flueville” and two great listening tips!

OMG, evil evil flue – I’m not kidding! I haven’t been this ill in years. The kids have been completely pacified with fever and a bad cough, and I was next. Everything just grinds to a halt, had to cancel a bunch of fun meetings for today and tomorrow 🙁 . However I do believe that I had to get this “break” and just “be” instead of my usual do, do, do, busy, busy, busy.

When the body refuses to move you just have to focus on what you can do to make it feel better, so I’ve been listening to my iPod. I’ve got two amazing books on there, 101 Power Thoughs by Louise Hay and The Wayne Dyer Audio Collection. Two amazing people who has so much to teach us all. What they both say is basically, change your thoughts – change your life! Not so easy at times, but well worth a try I think. Do you have any good examples of how you changed your thoughts?