A TED talk that got me going this morning!

Hi all, it’s Tuesday and BLOG MONDAY was, yes you have guessed it, YESTERDAY! I’ve had a busy few weeks, doing major “behind the scenes” improvement to my business AND finished a three month health coaching program with a dear friend (I’ll tell you more in a later blog post). So this morning, after leaving my 4-year old at the play group I finally allowed myself some rest. I started with a meditation which obviously led me to falling asleep on the couch. Luckily I got woken up by an SMS, and since I had the phone next to me (highly likely on any day, location and time) I clicked on a link that was recommended to me yesterday.

What happened next was that I jumped off the couch, ran to the BIG (stationary, yes we have one) computer, watched it AGAIN, signed up for his mailing list AND got stuck reading more of this mind blowing content on this guy’s website.

Just the name made me jump with joy, LIVE YOUR LEGEND! I mean, WHO doesn’t want to live life like that? Then I thought to myself, I have all the potential in the freaking WORLD to do just that! I have a passionate WHY, I want to help people thrive by emptying out that huge bag of issues that are holding us back (“We all have our bags to carry.” – BUT WE ALSO HAVE TOOLS TO HEAL FROM IT!!!). And yet I find myself starring out in space, not knowing what the heck to do next, I think I’ve had a Social Media shock reaction or something.

So here I am, blogging away like a crazy person, on a TUESDAY, trying to figure out how to LIVE MY LEGEND so that I can be of even more service to the people of this planet.

When you start living your life fearlessly (probably what legends do, I would assume?) you can also make a huge impact on the planet and live YOUR legend! I think a big part of getting there is to release all your old fear, pain, grief, guilt and shame so that you can take that freed up energy and DARE GREATLY – for your sake and for all of us. Who’s with me? I do want to hear your comments!