WHY I do what I do

There are so many ways to pitch your business… But what would happen if I started telling people WHY I’m really in the business I’m in, from the heart? 

That question struck me as I was thinking of sending yet another “sales pitch” mail to all the networks I’m in. Do I want to sound like the current “Newsletter trend” or do I want it to come from the heart? When is it actually OK to speak from the heart without following all the sales pitch rules and formats? Are people going to find me weird if I do?

There is only one way to find out I guess, and that’s putting it to the test!

So WHY I’m in this business of Grief Recovery?

When we lost our firstborn daughter it dawned on me how little help there was for us as parents. We had received excellent medical care for our child, but when she had left us and all the medical equipment had been collected we were standing there with an empty crib, diapers, baby clothes, toys and all the rest of it that comes along with a baby. We now had to arrange all the practical details like organising the funeral, tombstone, documents for flying back to Sweden with an urn, insurance, medical bills having to be clarified etc etc etc.

Having to deal with all of that while in a state of chock and grief was mind boggling. There was no real list of support options presented to us, and I had to muster the energy to look for help myself.

I immediately signed myself up as support parent at the Children’s hospital and the palliative home care team here in Zürich to at least give other parents with the same diagnosis a chance to contact a fellow parent. But what about all the other people being stuck in loss and grief? How could I be there for fellow expats experiencing loss, living far away form their natural support system of family, friends, language and familiarity?

That’s when I decided to do the certification to become a Grief Recovery Specialist. I now work with my passion to help others getting unstuck, feel less alone in their grief and have someone listening to their story. I wake up every day feeling so blessed to be able to do this kind of work, and that our daughter taught me so much about life, death and all the things in between. Like my coach Edson Williams said yesterday, “Karin flipped the script from a bereaved parent to using the loss as an inspiration to help others.” That really warmed my heart.

So that’s WHY I’m doing what I’m doing! I just can’t stand the fact that so many are stuck and limited by their unresolved grief, and if I can just help a handfull of these people it’s worth it! And I just have to trust that the people needing my help will find me, in one way or another. Have a great weekend and start of February!


“Please place the oxygen mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others…”

“Should the cabin lose pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the overhead area. Please place the mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others.”

We have all heard it, on every flight we have ever boarded, and they are many as we live abroad. And I see a very clear comparison with how we can assist our kids through loss and grief.

We simply do what we have been taught ourselves, Don’t be sad, Replace the Loss, Grieve alone, Be strong (for others), Time heals all Wounds and Keep yourself busy, or something similar might be behaviours that you have been taught as a kid. And as we all know, kids do what we DO, not what we SAY!

So the first thing to do as a parent or guardian, is to look at our own way of dealing with loss and grief. Painful as might be to look at our own stuff, we need to look at what we have been taught and see exactly what “knowledge” we are teaching our kids. As long as we are unaware of what we have been taught, we are passing the same (sometimes false) information on to our own kids. Simple as that!

So if you feel like making the commitment to deal with your own grief and make sure that you have your “oxygen mask” on before you help your child, feel free to contact me or read more under “the Grief Recovery Method®”. Love, Karin

“When children Grieve”

What an important theme that is, how we as adults can assist our children through loss and grief.  It could be anything form dealing with death (of a grand parent, parent, relative, sibling, animal…), divorce, pet loss, moving, illness, changing school, losing confidence, self worth or power to get out of a bad situation…

So how can we teach our children those useful skills to deal with their feelings surrounding the topic loss and grief?

That’s exactly why I’m committed to create a workshop for you all that want to be able to give your children the right tools and skills to deal with loss from an early age.

Stay tuned for January 2013 and sign up for my newsletter to be notified when and where the workshop is taking place.

Love, Karin

I’m a proud Momtrepreneur!

Hi all, I do write a lot about my work but I just heard this lovely term, Momtrepreneur, the other day and I just felt compelled to write about it!

So how does a Momtrepreneur “work”day look like?

07:00-08:00 Make sure that the kids wake up, have breakfast, brushing teeth (with a lot of threatening about  the trolls eating your teeth if you don’t…), get dressed (hopefully shoes on the right foot, sort of matching clothes, and hopefully finding all the out door gear you need to wear this time of year) – and BREATHE!

Photo taken by Elin, 4 years old08:00 Start the little trip up to Kindergarten, there are a lot of secret paths, leaves, cats, friends and other fun things to stop and look at on the way. Sometimes carrying a kid (15 kg) on one arm and extra gear, bags and a bicycle on the other…

09:00 Get the house back in order, start some washing, check if we have food (if not, too bad!), and get in the car to drive off to my Grief Recovery client. Fist making sure that all is packed, printed and in order 🙂

10:00-11:00 Grief Recovery work! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!

11-12 Dash back home, start lunch, close the computer and end the Grief Recovery work day. Did I accomplish all I needed to have done without having kids in the house… Most of the time the answer is NO! (no, really?!)

12:00 Kindergarten finishes, run up to Kindergarten, just sliding in to the yard as they open the door and the kids are pouring out!  Pick up my daughter <3

12:15 -> Cook, eat, draw, bake, organise play dates…. So that’s how it looks like!

Lunch time!

I’m sure I’m going to look back at this time and as my “younger self”what I was thinking, starting up a business with two small kids! But it also shows that if you have found your passion, which I have in case you haven’t figured that one out yet ( 😉 , you just find the time to get it all done!

And my secret weapon (yes, I admit):

What myths about grief did you learn as a child?

There is a lot of homework to go through if you decide to sign up for the Grief Recovery Method®! However, it is there in order to lift forward the old myths and intellectual comments you have learned to use when you are grieving yourself or when you meet others in grief.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to shake these old beliefs out once and for all?

Just drop me an email at if you want to know more about the Grief Recovery Method®! Take care of yourself <3

Alfalfa sprouts – how and why on earth you should start growing them!

I’ve always been keen on growing things, but then I got busy with other things like kids, home, work etc etc etc… My mom was here recently and she had us all start cultivation thinks in jars, empty egg boxes and the kids even got a little green house to grow things in. Since then I’m hooked! It’s so nice to come in the kitchen, attend to the little jar with Alfalfa sprouts and see them grow, and then start organising for breakfast. It’s easy, fun, goes fast, the kids enjoy watching it and mom enjoys eating it! Here is some nurtitional values for you to concider (and get inspired to get a jar going yourself 😉 ):


“Alfalfa sprouts juice contains a myriad of valuable nutrients such as calcium, folic acid, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, sodium, zinc.

This is the only plant that supplies the full range of vitamins, from vitamin A, B complex (even B12), C, E to K. Alfalfa sprouts placed in indirect sun for a couple of days before harvesting, even produce nutritious blood-healing chlorophyll.” From


How? Just get yourself a glass jar (like the one on the pic for example), a bag of Alfalfa sprouts, rinse them with water and leave them to start growing! You have to rinse them with water in the morning and in the evening – that’s it!

So, why on earth? Because it’s FUN, HEALTHY and tastes DELICIOUS on anything except desserts.

Tell me how it goes, folks!

Our Swedisch Parenting Courses are up and running!

I started this blog in May 2011 with the intention to document what was going to happen if/once I left the corporate world and did something from the heart instead. Something I truly believed in, was passionate about and where I could somehow bring value to others.

A LOT of thinking, coaching, decisions and learning have helped us to get started with a project that is just that, fun, valuable and we are so passionate about. This is also something that I myself would have loved to have access to as an Expat, first (then second and even third) time mother.

This Tuesday we started our first Swedish Model Parenting Group who we are going to follow during a year, over 7 sessions. We had 5 first time moms, one first time dad and 5 GORGEOUS babies ranging from 2 weeks to 4 months. And on Wednesday we had our first Evening Discussion Group with focus on sleep with moms, dads and babies. We first had an introduction about sleep and sleep patterns in children and adults. Then we opened up for questions and discussion where everyone could share, ask and comment on that topic or something completely different. It was so much fun meeting you all and we hope that this is something you Swedish speaking parents can benefit from.

A big thank you to all that joined and we hope to see you all again soon!

Föräldrargrupper enligt svensk BVC modell STARTAR i Zurich 4 oktober!


Den 4 oktober 2011 startar vi föräldrargrupper enligt svensk modell i samarbete med Svenska Kyrkan och SWEA här i Zürich! Se mer under “Föräldrarkurser i Zurich”.

Föräldrargrupp enligt svensk BVC modell

  • 7 träffar över ett år (oktober 2011-oktober 2012)

  • riktar sig till nyblivna föräldrar med barn födda mellan juni och september 2011

  • tar upp ämnen såsom sömn, mat, utvecklingssteg, hur familjen mår, barnsäkerhet, syskonrelationer, rutiner etc.

  • max 8 föräldrarpar så plats finns att diskutera olika situationer och problem som dyker upp mellan träffarna

  • börjar på tisdag 4 oktober 14:00-15:30, 6 december 14:00-15:30

  • 2012 års träffar är på tisdagar kl 19:00-20:30

  • Pris: 300 chf inkl. 7 träffar, skriftligt material, fika samt tillgång till rådgivning av Elisabet Hagelin via telefon eller Skype mellan gångerna


  • Diskussionsgrupper

  • börjar på onsdag 5 oktober 19:00-21:00 med huvudfokus på sömn

  • andra ämnesfokus kommer vara mat, barnsäkerhet & första hjälpen, utvecklingssteg, hur får man ihop familjepusslet, syskonreltaioner, tvåspråkighet etc.

  • Introduktion i ett specifikt ämne varje träff och sedan öppnar vi upp för diskussion runt era egna frågor och problem

  • välj den temakväll som verkar relevant för er specifika situation, eller var med på samtliga träffar

  • Pris: 50 chf per gång inkl. fika och skriftligt material

  • max antal deltagare är 15 personer

    Enskilda samtal

  • möjlighet till enskilda samtal med Elisabet Hagelin kring svårigheter eller problem

  • kan gälla många olika vardagsfrågor eller ett specifikt bekymmer som att barnet vaknar ofta på natten

  • en timmes hembesök med diskussion och information samt planering för att ändra rutiner som är avpassad till varje familjs situation och önskemål

  • efter hembesöket ingår en tät telefonuppföljning där det finns möjlighet att följa upp och vid behov revidera de råd som givits. När sedan rutinen fungerar bra avslutas kontakten.

  • Alla enskilda samtal utgår från barnets ålder och utvecklingsnivå samt familjens situation och individuella önskemål.

  • Pris: en timmes hembesök samt all uppföljning 150 chf

Samtliga kurser och diskussionsgrupper kommer hållas i Svenska Kyrkans lokaler på Kurvenstrasse 1, Zürich. För frågor och anmälan kontakta Karin Andersson Hagelin på telefon 076 52 19 607 eller mail

Vi ser fram emot att få hälsa er välkomna!

Karin Andersson Hagelin och Elisabet Hagelin


Baby feeding and sleeping courses in English / Swedish

First of all I would like to tell you about the upcoming Curious Courses in Baby Feeding and Sleeping. This is a chance to get some solid advice on how to get routines implemented and make your every day life calmer and happier! For more information and registration go to Curious Courses and read more about it.

For you Scandinavian parents in Zurich I would also like to take the opportunity to let you know that we are starting parent groups and seminars in co-operation with the Swedish Church now in October. There is more information on the page “Föräldrarkurser i Zurich” in this blog. For you who sign up and pay the course fee before the 16th of September we are offering a 10% discount on the ordinary price!