Not OK!

So what if you have a big sister who is absolutely crazy about princesses and lives in her princess dress the WHOLE time? Would you not start to wonder what you are missing out on? I would for sure! So did Victor and insisted on trying this magic dress on! I laughed so hard and just had to send a pic over What’sApp to daddy – the answer I got was “Not OK” 🙂 LOL!!!!! Anyway, he’s the prettiest princess ever <3

I’ve also decided to re-name my blog from Goals are Dreams with a deadline – it was a bit too ambitious and I do want to start writing more about how I actually cope with the family puzzle myself, now that we have a company named Parenthood Puzzle! Well, it’s time to practice what you preach and hence the new name – A mother’s quest to solve the parenthood puzzle 🙂 What do you think about the name? I’m really curious!