Meditation – here we go!

After reading approximately a million books, all urging the importance of meditating for different reasons (Improved concentration, Less bothered by little things, Better Health, Knowledge of Self, etc etc etc, read more on “Pick the Brain“)  I have FINALLY decided to give it a go! It wasn’t until I read those words that I could finally let go of the “have do do it perfectly or not at all” mentality, maybe it will help you too:

Meditation is simply the art of relaxing your body and quietening your mind.  Meditation is learning to hold your attention on one thing, to the exclusion of all else, for about fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes a day to close your eyes and clearing your mind  is all that you will need to expand your awareness. All you must do is to sit in a comfortable chair, place your feet on the floor, and put your hands on your lap. Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Then slowly exhale. Concentrate all your thoughts on one idea, “I am peace”, “I am still”, “I am relaxed” or only other simple repetitive mantra. Just expect to relax and think of nothing but relaxing and being quiet for fifteen minutes.


I have been avoiding it for many weird and wonderful reasons, “I don’t have the time”, “I’m never alone”, “I don’t have the right meditation pillow to sit on”, “I can’t sit in the Lotus pose”, “I feel ridiculous”, “What if someone in my family walks in on me?!” etc etc etc. And then finally, last week as I was reading one of these million books, I decided that enough is enough and I’ll give myself 15 minutes before going to bed and be persistent with it. I even told my husband that I’m going to be meditating, sitting in our bedroom with a candle so he knows and won’t disturb 🙂 No, he didn’t think I was weird (at least he didn’t say 😉 ), no, I haven’t bought myself a meditation pillow, and no, I don’t need to make it painful, hard or embarrassing, I just need to START doing it!

So I did and I’m still doing it. It actually feels like an adventure! What will happen once all those “everyday thoughts” stops grabbing the attention? What cool thoughts will finally have the space to emerge?! I’m really looking forward to this new tool.

To your own Meditation success and thanks for reading!

A desperately tired, frustrated and unfocused mother in need of a relaxed mind!

An insight from reading a kids book…

I was reading the book “Tomten” by Victor Rydberg to my 2-year old son this morning. To make a long, beautiful story short – this gnome walks around the farm and all of it’s different little houses/stables and such, making sure that all the farm animals and the farmers family are safe during the night as gnomes do (?). It’s winter and the farm is tucked away far out in the dark country side in Sweden somewhere.

All of a sudden it dawned on me – this is how my grandparents lived at least the first part of their lives. Well, except for the gnome perhaps… Only one generation parts me from old farmer generations from Dalarna and Hälsingland in the north of Sweden, both on my mothers and my fathers side. How they lived and how I live is only one generation apart but it could easily have been 1000 years! It makes me wonder how my kids will look at our lives, with our iPods, iPads, iPhones, internet, blogs, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and the like… basically having the whole world at our fingertips. What do you think they will say?

It just made me feel in awe of my grandparents and I’m very proud to belong to this old, wise family of farmers.  It’s time to unleash that farmer’s strength and determination! Thank you Anna Lind, Ingvar Pettersson, Maj öjermark and K-W Hagelin for making it possible for me to live an breathe 🙂

And all of this philosophical mumbling from reading a kids book. Have a lovely start of the week!