I have spent the last decade finding tools and techniques on how to heal a broken heart. I’ve made it my mission to spread the knowledge on how to make peace with the past and let go of the emotional luggage once and for all.

Through the use of heart felt story telling, playful activities, and immediately applicable life skills, I’ve presented my topics to a curious audience at the Curious Courses Day in Zürich, nurses and medical doctors at Triemli Spital Zürich, corporate women at UBS, international women at OWIT Lake Geneva, solution driven corporates as SBB Bern and Alexion Pharma GmbH Zürich, women entrepreneurs at Powerhouse Collective Zürich, as well as other interest groups. I’m also leading regular workshops in Zürich.

My content has been formulated from both my training as a Grief Recovery Specialist and EFT practitioner, mixed with my own life experiences and professional background.