So I’m sitting here browsing through the Facebook news feed and “stumble” on to this link, just as I was having a bit of doubt about my ability to build something on line… Do I have the right idea? The right finances? The right courage and drive? And boom, there she is telling me about something that makes me feel OF COURSE I can build something of value on line and OF COURSE I can use my passion and my drive to “make it”! So what is my passion? It’s to help others, to get people to connect, to make a difference in this world for the better, to contribute towards happy, loving and secure families, to promote the Law of Attraction and the fact that we are all interconnected and more powerful than we ever thought we were, that we can and will create a more peaceful and loving world and find the necessary force to turn it around for the better. Now THAT is something wirth spreading and building around I think! Have a lovely day all!

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  1. Nathalie
    Nathalie says:

    Funny, had a similar experience yesterday when I learned that I will have to lead a team in the future and that I will have a lot more responsibility than I had before. A few doubts, but then I realized that even climbing the Mount Everest starts with one step after another (and a good preparation of course). So nothing to fear, because if we can do it or not we will only know AFTER we tried…

  2. stina
    stina says:

    MIN Fina Karin!!! Inser nu hur längesen vi sàgs…. vad fin du är!:) Du passar jättebra i kort hàr. Vad STOR Elin har blivit. Victor är sà lik dig! Det har hänt massor sen vi hördes vid förstàr jag! VAd kul att fà följa din blogg:))) Ringer dig snart!
    Kramar i massor!!!


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