I’m doing it!!!!

I’m actually doing it!! First of all I’ve found yet another a brilliant partner for our business, I’ll tell you about it all later but it’s going to be SMASHING! Second, I’ve managed to get this blog into a .com world so now I can brag about having my very own .com address: karinanderssonhagelin.com

Third I’ve managed to find back to my focus which I lost on Friday, well, I will always have good days and less good ones and that’s OK but Friday was a “need to escape down town for a coffee” kind of day. I have found the perfect book for me regarding business planning, a book that takes me back to the FUN of going on this journey. It’s called “The right brain business plan” by Jennifer Lee and it looks more like a scrapbooking/create vision boards/draw kind of book in comparison with the business school ones I have (and haven’t been able to finish as I got so frustrated and also very bored reading….). I’m not saying that that’s not needed too but I really needed to come back to the fun and play and not think of this as yet another demanding, boring, frustrating JOB. This journey is supposed to be inspiring, not another “have to”.

It’s time to pick up the kids now, but tomorrow it’s time to start getting down on paper (and preferably on line) a NAME and some little steps towards a smashing web site for our idea. It will now cover courses/seminars in both Swedish, English and some of it in German in subjects ranging from positive pregnancy to positive parenting!! So if you have any fun, inspiring, cool names for a business like that PLEASE leave a comment down below.


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