If God is a DJ…

I was in my car alone (which doesn’t happen often), driving up to Interlaken as this song started playing on the radio. It was a song I’ve heard a million times as I happen to be a Pink-fan and I’ve always loved it. However I noticed that I have NEVER really LISTENED to the lyrics of this song before, and as I started listening to every word she sang I nearly got tears in my eyes.

I mean, what IF God is a DJ and you are the music? What music do you want to play, what music do you want to contribute to this world, what music do you want to be remembered as?

You are your own unique instrument and NO ONE on this Planet can ever come up with the exact tune and melody that is you. How cool is that? No matter how many books that have been written, you are the only one that can write YOUR book using your words and your story. You are like a snow flake, totally unique in your way and there will never, ever be an exact same YOU walking on this Earth ever again.

Your unique music needs to be heard now, or that piece of music will die with you.

hands with a candle“If God is a DJ

Life is a dance floor

Love is the rhythm

You are the music

If God is a DJ

Life is a dance floor

You get what you’re given

It’s all how you use it” Pink

So think about it, HOW WILL YOU USE IT?
Love, Karin
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