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Isabelle Heymanns at Intuitives Coaching

Vielleicht kennen Sie diese Situation: Sie merken, dass es nicht weiter geht und ein Entwicklungsschritt in Ihrem Leben ansteht. Aber was Sie in der Entwicklung hindert, können Sie nicht in klare Worte fassen. Sie stecken fest.

Mit meiner Intuition helfe ich Ihnen, den Ursprung der Blockade sowie den nächsten Schritt zu erkennen. Auf dieser Basis können Sie Ihr Ziel konkretisieren, damit Sie selbständig oder mit meiner Begleitung auf Ihrem Weg weiterkommen und Ihre Zukunft positiv gestalten.

Bei dieser gemeinsamen Arbeit stehen Sie und Ihre Bedürfnisse im Zentrum. Im Laufe des Gesprächs wird klar, wo Sie stehen und wie Sie weiterkommen oder wenn Ihr Ziel schon klar ist, wie Sie diesem näher kommen. Durch meine Intuition kann ich rasch Erkenntnisse gewinnen und schnell das zentrale Thema erkennen. Damit kommen Sie rasch und effizient zum Ziel.

I remember… A poem to my Angel daughter on Mother’s Day

I remember the first day I could spot you on your cloud.

You were watering the plants, yellow and purple flowers, and as you poured the water and giggled, a light rain started to fall outside my window.

I was so thrilled to finally have found you again after all the dark clouds of grief had finally passed by and left a clear blue sky for me to enjoy.

We promised to continue growing our family so that you would have siblings, and we kept our promise. You now have a little sister and a little brother, and we love telling them stories about what you and grandpa Dagge are doing up in heaven.

When it snows, we tell stories about how you throw snowballs at each other, and on us as well, because we know how much you love to play!

When the wind blows, we tell stories about how you are drying your angel wings, that got wet when you went for a swim.

When the thunder scares your little brother, we tell stories about how you and the other little angels are having a Bobbycar race up in the sky, with the rainbow acting as the race track.

When the sun shines, we tell stories about how you are playing with a mirror, sending us beams of light and love. Playing with the light on our walls and ceilings, and your siblings are laughing as they try to catch the beam.

When the autumn comes, we tell stories about how you and the fairies are painting all the leaves in the most amazing, radiant colours.

And when the spring finally arrives after a long, dark winter, we tell stories about how you and the fairies arrange for all the flowers, trees and animals to come alive again.

How I love those stories, and how I love keeping you with us through them.

With love,




The Grief Watch site was created to provide you with bereavement resources, memorial products and links that can help you through your personal loss. It also serves as an excellent educational tool for all who travel down the road of grief. If you are a bereaved individual, our hearts go out to you. If you are a friend or curious, we welcome you.  Please use this site to learn more about grief and the individual needs of the bereaved.


Globatris – expat support & Swedish lessons

GlobatrisGlobatris – expat support and Swedish lessons. Relocating a family is a large investment for a company as well as for a family; not only in capital but also in relationships and individuals. A happy settled and thriving family sets a solid foundation for the retention, attraction and quality of work of the employee. Globatris offers moving- and living abroad support and Swedish lessons via Skype or Google hangout for both adults and children. Charlotta is based in Gothenburg Sweden, but is also working world-wide over Skype and Google Hangout.


Irene StantonLotus-Gesundheits-Praxis – Therapy, Burn Out and Yoga Center by Irene Stanton. Irene helped me thorough the anxiety and stress I felt when I was pregnant again after losing Ingrid. I’ve gone to Irene for Reiki, Acupunkture and Prana Healing, and I can strongly recommend her!

Furey Coaching

Furey Coaching Tammy FureyNot only is Tammy a dear friend of mine, but also an excellent parent coach! If you are a parent who is experiencing stress, anxiety and challenges, but who wants a peaceful, rewarding, loving relationship with your child/ren, Tammy is the one to guide you through with a gentle and caring hand. Strongly recommended AND tested by me!