You are ready to try something new to move past the issues that are blocking you.

Whether it’s Fear of FlyingFinancial FearsWeight WorriesParenting PanicClutter Chaos, or concern about certain creepy crawlies,

or that you feel overwhelmed and stressed out about a specific situation such as a job interview, a big exam or a difficult conversation; EFT tapping is a really powerful and effective tool to get rid of emotional luggage that keeps you stuck, once and for all!

You will learn the EFT tapping technique by applying it to the issues that are bothering you in your life right now. You will also receive tips and tools that you can apply right away, and learn more about what actions you could take in order to move forward. This 3 x 75 min. session package will give you a first glimpse of how effective EFT tapping really is, and give you an opportunity to give it a shot before committing to a longer program. 

Rate: 495 CHF