Sometimes it’s not so much about the physical de-cluttering process, but more about clearing an inner resistance that is keeping you from succeeding. It might be a feeling of overwhelm (Where do I start???), or even shame that you can’t seem to be able to do the de-cluttering (Everyone else seem to be moving along nicely, so why can’t I? What’s wrong with me?).

It’s difficult to target these deeper blockages by making very general tapping videos for you, and they need to be dealt with on an individual basis in order to be released. So I’ve decided to create a special “follow along” Clear your Clutter coaching-set to go with this video series.

    • You will read the book, watch the videos, and do the work sheets in the tempo/time frame that works for you.
    • We will meet 5 times during the process, and look at the real reasons why you can’t move forward. 

I will be your coach, mentor, accountability buddy and cheer leader all nicely rolled into one, and together we’ll tap the crap out of these clutter clearing blocks!

I will teach you the basics of EFT tapping, a technique that helps you reduce the stress and anxiety. I will listen to your needs and ask questions that will make you reflect, and find new solutions. I will do my outmost to make you feel safe, listened to, and seen throughout the whole process.

Investment: 695 CHF for five 45 minute sessions, bookable via Skype/FaceTime.