Globatris – expat support & Swedish lessons

GlobatrisGlobatris – expat support and Swedish lessons. Relocating a family is a large investment for a company as well as for a family; not only in capital but also in relationships and individuals. A happy settled and thriving family sets a solid foundation for the retention, attraction and quality of work of the employee. Globatris offers moving- and living abroad support and Swedish lessons via Skype or Google hangout for both adults and children. Charlotta is based in Gothenburg Sweden, but is also working world-wide over Skype and Google Hangout.


Irene StantonLotus-Gesundheits-Praxis – Therapy, Burn Out and Yoga Center by Irene Stanton. Irene helped me thorough the anxiety and stress I felt when I was pregnant again after losing Ingrid. I’ve gone to Irene for Reiki, Acupunkture and Prana Healing, and I can strongly recommend her!

Furey Coaching

Furey Coaching Tammy FureyNot only is Tammy a dear friend of mine, but also an excellent parent coach! If you are a parent who is experiencing stress, anxiety and challenges, but who wants a peaceful, rewarding, loving relationship with your child/ren, Tammy is the one to guide you through with a gentle and caring hand. Strongly recommended AND tested by me!