Not very proud of myself, but…

…today I actually cancelled a meeting on a shamefully short notice because it JUST DID NOT FEEL RIGHT IN MY BELLY!!! It was NOT the person I was meeting that was the issue, on the contrary, but the REASON. Now, I was the one approaching her for this little business venture, and at the time it sounded like a really good idea. But as soon as I was trying to sit down and work with the materail it just didn’t flow! It was just too much resistance  so I couldn’t make myself do anything about it.

My old self would have ingnored these feelings and pushed to pursue what I had started because that would be the right and fair thing to do, right? But this time I just couldn’t go  against this feeling. After speaking to the other party in this venture I felt ashamed for dragging her into it in the first place, but then I forgave myself and appreciated the lesson learned.

It’s time to LISTEN INWARD and do what honours me and my beleifs and not to pursue something because it will generate cash. It’s also time to spend more enegry where I feel happy,  where it’s effortless and, most importantly FUN FUN FUN! Like interviewing people with knowledge they want to share and that will benefit our target group and find solutions for them to reach our material when THEY HAVE THE TIME. It’s time to refocus on what I do best instead of obsessing about what I don’t know, what I don’t have a dergree in, what I don’t have experience in and thereby feel pretty darn useless! It’s time to trust my vibes!



5 year Angel Party today <3

Today it’s 5 years ago that Ingrid joined her angel friends in heaven and we are celebrating the occasion with cake and candles!

Elin and Victor thinks it’s great that we get to celebrate her TWICE per year, that means two extra parties 🙂 And I know for a fact that Ingrid sees and enjoys being celebrated, so that’s an even stronger reason to do it. I also know that she LOVES parties and being in the centre of attention (much like her mother and her siblings…), so a party is just the right thing to have on a day like this!

Happy angel day, gorgeous Ingrid! You continue to touch people with your presence and your story. We love you, always <3

Never, ever give up!

This morning I woke up, feeling a bit low – actually quite low, unispired, upset and very very tired. I did do some yoga from the DVD I got for me and my daughter but still felt sluggish and sad. I’ve been over eating, feeling frustrated and like I’m sabataging my success on purpose. Anyway, I took the kids to daycare and went home to prepare for an interview with Edson Williams that I was going to do over Skype, just quickly browsing through Facebook and for some reason this video caught my eye.

Thank you for sending me this inspiring, beautiful and amazing story about our true essence, and today of all days when I was doubting my own capacity and greatness.