Which babysteps will you be taking this year?

It’s a new year and a lot of us are working hard to get our butts off and start crossing things off that famous new years resolution list! Now, what if we all started taking SMALL babysteps towards the bigger goal instead of trying to stuff the whole, big change in our small mouths and punish ourselves when we don’t achieve everything at once?

My baby steps for this week is to add more knowledge about Facebook contests in order to build our mailing list  – that’s it! Tschüss!

A trip to the Alps and stepping it up with the Law of Attraction stuff

Well, a nice day in the mountains and I had to grab the opportunity to record a video from up there! Last week I finally got around to watching Oprah’s show on the book “The Secret” from 2007: http://youtu.be/NPPGDfuk8aE and someone said that when you think a thought you actually place an order to the Universe. So this week I’m going to really test that principle hard core – having worked in a restaurant I’m going to see it as writing down the “meal order” and see what happens. Yes, it requires ACTION from my part as well (or someone is going to come and declare you insane) but I’ll use the all the help I can get, including the state of the moon. Right now we are in a whining moon, so time for some admin, pay bills and getting a hair cut 🙂 Coming from the line of farmers way up north in Sweden ( 3 of 4 grandparents were farmers) it’s time to dig from that old knowledge and do what the farmers did, namley grow things in a growing moon and take it slow in a reducing moon. Call me weird but it’s time to try something different! I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂

A fun Law of Attraction story! LOL!

OK, just heard from the Universe, had to laugh out loud and tried to explan it to my 4-year old… I owe my husband x CHF for taxes, and now I received a statement saying that I had JUST that amount EXTRA than I though on my savings account: I was SO sure that I had the lesser amount and I’m normally very organised, knowing exaclty what’s going in and out. The last couple of days I’ve asked to receve the payments due for my generosity and love to help others that I’ve never ever charged for. LOL, thanks again Universe for proving the point that the LAw of Attraction works!

Happy new year everybody!

Hello my gorgeous, fantastic friends!

It’s time to step it up and make my projects and my life TAKE OFF! First, some well needed time management modifications….

I wish you all a fantastic, fun, prosperous, beautiful, loving and magical new year 2012!