THANK YOU my dear, beautiful friends!

Dear friends, thank you very much for your constructive feedback! Now I have some good stuff to work with! It has given birth to a new/old idea that I will keep secret so stay tuned 😉 Also its time to find back to the MAGIC! That is going to be my “lead word” for 2012, “finding back to the MAGIC!”


Scattered… and in need of a little help from my friends…


I’m scattered, I keep on falling in to the same loop,the “I’m not good enough, I don’t know what the hell I’m supposed to be doing in this life time, can someone please show me a sign of some sort” – yeah, that loop. And then I’ve got days when I’m in this perfect flow, but since I’m a hard core perfectionist those days tend not to count in my book. Very sad indeed, considering my non-role model behavior for my kids.

It’s time to look inside instead of searching for the answers outside by reading 100’000 books, newsletters (I’ve cancelled around 50 the last few weeks), YouTube clips, and find the things I’m PASSIONATE about, what I do with EASE, what I ENJOY and what SERVES others/the greater good of all. And most of all, find out what’s AUTHENTIC and INTEGRATED, that is already a part of me that I could share with others. I feel that I’m constantly hiding  pieces of myself. Some I tell the Ingrid-story to, others not. Some I share my beliefs with, most of you probably don’t know. Some I tell what books/people/web sites I find interesting, most of you don’t know…. It’s using up a LOT of energy trying to keep that game up and running, and I’m starting to get tired and fed up about it all. I need to find the magic again, I miss the MAGIC!


I LOVE our project with Parenthood Puzzle, it will make a huge difference to Swedish speaking parents WORLD WIDE, who don’t have the access to good, sound child health care advice and my mom has sooooooo much knowledge to share and such a huge network that could reach out to all those parents looking for professional answers. BUT I haven’t found the part I’m supposed to play yet, I feel it emerging and I have hope, but up until now it’s been a struggle. I’ve got my set of skills, knowledge and experience but I need to know how I can tap into those and build a service aroundit that will help others.


So please, all of you who know me well, WHAT would you say are my strenghts, what would you say I do with ease, what could you see me do for a living? Also, what could I improve with the blog? I want to reach out to people and share my experience. Send me a comment,  an e-mail, a Facebook message, call me, ANYTHING! I need your help to move forward!

Much love!!!


Brené Brown – THANK YOU!

Thank you Universe for sending me this TED Talk today, the day I’ve sent out questions like “Whart’s my purpose?”, “Why am I here?”, “How will I serve others and carry the legacy of Ingrid and make my gorgeous Elin & Victor proud?”…..  I feel this urgency of stepping out, finally, 100%, not just here and there, with my WHOLE story in order to SERVE you all who needs a hand to hold when the going gets tougher that you had imagined… I can take it, I will not break! I will take a stand for myself, for my knowledge, for my skills, for my life experience, and I will do it on camera tomorrow 🙂

Update on the Alkaline lifestyle and more….

Hi all! Here is an update about my Alkaline lifestyle, 1.5 kg gone since I declared committing to it again! For you who want to have some info and tips about this way of eating I recommend, and also to get some vegan/vegetarian cook books with ingredients that you know you will get in the local shop. What you don’t want to do is to make it too difficult, then you’ll NEVER change!

GOOD LUCK! And let me know if you need an alkaline buddy, I’m here!