A major synchronicity

I had mom on the phone and she told me that I need to contact the Swedish Chamber of Commerce – and 10 minutes later I meet the Managing Director and we swop cards! How funny is that?!

Invitation to workshop “Parenting and Stress” 22 November!

Workshop “Parenting and Stress”

Host: Karin Andersson Hagelin, ParenthoodPuzzle

Date: 22 November 2011, 19:00-21:00, Svenska Kyrkan Zurich-Basel, Kurvenstrasse 1, Zürich

Course fee: 50 CHF per person including coffee/tea & snacks

About the speaker: Michelle Sabatini is a qualified Grinberg Method practitioner and an experienced speaker with a Masters Degree in Psychology. During her years with the Service of Youth Protection in Canton Vaud (SPJ) in Lausanne she was doing research in the field of social competence. She was also lecturing to students as well as supporting social workers and educators. Now Michelle has her own Grinberg Method Practice here in Zürich.

Topic: What happens with us parents when we experience stress? “Why is my baby crying now/so much/again?”, “What does others around me (in shops, restaurants, public transport…) think when my kid is having a temper tantrum?” or “Why do I feel so stressed or anxious when my mother or mother-in-law is here?” These kinds of questions makes us tense and irritable and it sometimes lead us to think that we must be the worst parent in the world! Often it’s extremely difficult to let go of these feelings and tensions, we don’t know where to start so we become more and more exhausted and depressed.

Workshop outline:

● How does the body react to stress, physically and emotionally? What are your  stress triggers?

●    How can we become aware of what is going on in our body, muscle tension and breathing?

●    Practical techniques how we can release the stress so we don’t store it in our body.

●    Discussion, questions and answers.

What will you get out from this Workshop?

Even if a stressful situation can be similar for most parents, the stress experience is always very individual. In this workshop we will focus on what triggers these stress reactions in you and how you can become more aware of those reactions and feelings in your own body. This awareness gives us the opportunity to get away from reacting automatically (anger, frustration, stress) and stay focused on the situation at hand. This is for all parents, regardless if you have a baby, a toddler or an older child, as the stress reaction is the same.

Michelle will show us some exercises how to let go of the tension in our bodies and we will practice those together. These techniques will help us train our attention to help us stay focused, calm and in charge of our feelings an behaviors in stressful situations. They will also help us get back to a relaxed state more quickly after a stressful situation. This is the perfect opportunity to get some really good tools how to deal with stress in our everyday lives!

Sign up: e-mail to karin@parenthoodpuzzle.com before the18th of November, maximum of 14 participants. The workshop will be held in English. For questions please contact Michelle 078 779 16 17 or Karin on 076 282 98 23.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!