What do you choose?

What do you choose? I know I have to stop choosing the angry one and I’m very visual so I had to create this little reminder….

                        HAPPY MOM










Soo tired and yet so energized!

Well, for all of you that are sleep deprived, I feel with you! I thought that it would get better as the baby grows, and obviously it does, but there are sometimes bumps in the road. Right now Victor is in a very active faze of learning languages, as he’s got 2, actually even 3 to master it probably feels overwhelming at times and a lot has to be processed during sleep. This has brought a few sleepless nights for both of us recently, we are up between 3-5 am having a proper stand-off regarding milk or not in the middle of the night. I say “It’s night, no milk, time to sleep”, Victor answers back with his angriest little voice “NO, MILK”, and so it continues hour after hour…. Now, I know we preach no food in the night, but at what level do you need to step back and re-assess the greater good for all? I think that is tonight, we all desperately need our sleep and I need to give myself the permission to NOT be perfect.

On the other hand, I’ve had yet another super productive and exciting coach call today, leaving me with a powerful, fun and inspiring action plan. Also had a fantastic lunch with a dear friend who told me a few well chosen words that I certainly needed to hear. Now ZUMBA, then business meeting in the kitchen with my chief strategist 🙂

Another place well worth a visit!

Jucker Farmart, where pumpkins become pieces of art! This year the theme is Switzerland so this picture above is a model of the famous Toblerone mountain Matterhorn. It’s just a very pleasant place to take your kids, where they have good food, it’s fun to play and run around and very nice surroundings!







Last year the theme was dinosaurs…..

Our Swedisch Parenting Courses are up and running!

I started this blog in May 2011 with the intention to document what was going to happen if/once I left the corporate world and did something from the heart instead. Something I truly believed in, was passionate about and where I could somehow bring value to others.

A LOT of thinking, coaching, decisions and learning have helped us to get started with a project that is just that, fun, valuable and we are so passionate about. This is also something that I myself would have loved to have access to as an Expat, first (then second and even third) time mother.

This Tuesday we started our first Swedish Model Parenting Group who we are going to follow during a year, over 7 sessions. We had 5 first time moms, one first time dad and 5 GORGEOUS babies ranging from 2 weeks to 4 months. And on Wednesday we had our first Evening Discussion Group with focus on sleep with moms, dads and babies. We first had an introduction about sleep and sleep patterns in children and adults. Then we opened up for questions and discussion where everyone could share, ask and comment on that topic or something completely different. It was so much fun meeting you all and we hope that this is something you Swedish speaking parents can benefit from.

A big thank you to all that joined and we hope to see you all again soon!

Going live tomorrow!

Hi all! Tomorrow we are going live with our parenting courses in Zurich! I’m so excited and am looking very much forward to this 🙂

But there is a serious balancing act that is not easy, trying to work and look after a 1 1/2 year old and a 3 1/2 year old at the same time. It feels like nothing is being done right, the kids have to fight for my attention when I have 5 min at the computer from time to time during the day….. Now I would appreciate some tips on how to balance these two adventures going on at the very same time in my life. I think I have to start my day a whole lot earlier so I can get a few things done before the “stay at home mom” day begins. That way I can maybe stretch my 40% entrepreneurial self. Hence we have named our new adventure ParenthoodPuzzle – as how to get all the pieces together and still lead a nice, pleasant, well-balanced life if there is one of that kind.

Wish us luck for tomorrow!