Crazy, fun week!

My Goodness! What would I do without my fantastic coach? He made me rise to the challenge and find new ways to reach my goals, so THANK YOU E!

I’ve had fantastic meetings with fantastic people this week, found new potential business ideas, new home work to do and now my business partner aka. mother is in town so it’s time to continue producing great things! We start our first parenting course next Tuesday and an evening discussion group that is filling up nicely on Wednesday evening.  We have also had a look at our design/logo coming on nicely THANKS to Ann Söderblom! We have promised her to provide more information so we can get cracking on printed material as well, so that needs to be sorted this next few days. We are seeing our company take form and it’s soooooo exciting!

I feel alive again, and finding back to true, real creativity and fun! Have a great weekend all friends!

Föräldrargrupper enligt svensk BVC modell STARTAR i Zurich 4 oktober!


Den 4 oktober 2011 startar vi föräldrargrupper enligt svensk modell i samarbete med Svenska Kyrkan och SWEA här i Zürich! Se mer under “Föräldrarkurser i Zurich”.

Föräldrargrupp enligt svensk BVC modell

  • 7 träffar över ett år (oktober 2011-oktober 2012)

  • riktar sig till nyblivna föräldrar med barn födda mellan juni och september 2011

  • tar upp ämnen såsom sömn, mat, utvecklingssteg, hur familjen mår, barnsäkerhet, syskonrelationer, rutiner etc.

  • max 8 föräldrarpar så plats finns att diskutera olika situationer och problem som dyker upp mellan träffarna

  • börjar på tisdag 4 oktober 14:00-15:30, 6 december 14:00-15:30

  • 2012 års träffar är på tisdagar kl 19:00-20:30

  • Pris: 300 chf inkl. 7 träffar, skriftligt material, fika samt tillgång till rådgivning av Elisabet Hagelin via telefon eller Skype mellan gångerna


  • Diskussionsgrupper

  • börjar på onsdag 5 oktober 19:00-21:00 med huvudfokus på sömn

  • andra ämnesfokus kommer vara mat, barnsäkerhet & första hjälpen, utvecklingssteg, hur får man ihop familjepusslet, syskonreltaioner, tvåspråkighet etc.

  • Introduktion i ett specifikt ämne varje träff och sedan öppnar vi upp för diskussion runt era egna frågor och problem

  • välj den temakväll som verkar relevant för er specifika situation, eller var med på samtliga träffar

  • Pris: 50 chf per gång inkl. fika och skriftligt material

  • max antal deltagare är 15 personer

    Enskilda samtal

  • möjlighet till enskilda samtal med Elisabet Hagelin kring svårigheter eller problem

  • kan gälla många olika vardagsfrågor eller ett specifikt bekymmer som att barnet vaknar ofta på natten

  • en timmes hembesök med diskussion och information samt planering för att ändra rutiner som är avpassad till varje familjs situation och önskemål

  • efter hembesöket ingår en tät telefonuppföljning där det finns möjlighet att följa upp och vid behov revidera de råd som givits. När sedan rutinen fungerar bra avslutas kontakten.

  • Alla enskilda samtal utgår från barnets ålder och utvecklingsnivå samt familjens situation och individuella önskemål.

  • Pris: en timmes hembesök samt all uppföljning 150 chf

Samtliga kurser och diskussionsgrupper kommer hållas i Svenska Kyrkans lokaler på Kurvenstrasse 1, Zürich. För frågor och anmälan kontakta Karin Andersson Hagelin på telefon 076 52 19 607 eller mail

Vi ser fram emot att få hälsa er välkomna!

Karin Andersson Hagelin och Elisabet Hagelin


The joy of entrepreneurship

Friday night, one and a half weeks to LAUNCH and we have decided to restructure our seminars a bit according to many wishes from parents I’ve been in contact with. I just put the kids to bed and have been working on a re-write of the course outline as I need to get it out this weekend in order to attract participants. Not that we don’t have enough to do but it would be a shame if my mom is here and we can’t hold any evening seminars while she is in town. The Swedish parenting group model is filling up nicely though so we need to offer courses in that format for now.

I’ve just managed to shift my cold that has kept me from getting up in the mornings to do my exercise, so new start on that tomorrow. Also going strictly alcaline again from tomorrow as I just don’t feel as good any longer, surprise surprise! Is anyone of you interested in doing these 30 day challenges together? It’s so much easier if you have someone to be accountable for…. If yes, please just write me a comment below. Have a lovely weekend all!

Mini holiday in Stockholm

Just got back form an AMAZING trip to Stockholm and Uppsala! It was weird, but of course very healthy to be alone for a bit and have the opportunity to miss the kids for a bit. I managed to meet up with friends I haven’t seen in 5-10 years, just enjoyed Stockholm, the colours, the sounds, the shops. Yes, dear friends, I broke my shopping ban and went crazy (that was INCLUDING SPORTS CLOTHING)! Well, I’ve lost so much weight/size so I really needed to upgrade a few things and what better than do that tax free. So, there are all my excuses….

Also, the most clever thing I’ve done this year so far is to get myself this wonderful coach! He totally defused the anger and resentment I was feeling and unfortunately letting out on my poor, little princess Elin. I now can control my temper and be the role mother ( 🙂 ) I want to be.  We also had a great coaching session from Stockholm on Tuesday, working on REAL stuff, like how to build my business! That’s the focus now, no more time for negative thoughts and angry outbursts. That’s the intention anyway!

We even managed to head down to the shop (and back) this morning, BOTH kids on kick bikes without me freaking out ONE SINGLE time. It was Victor’s first time out on the kick bike in “real live” traffic and it went really, really well!

Busy week, only 2 weeks until we start our courses and seminars!

Ingrid 5 years

Today we are celebrating our angel Ingrid’s 5th birthday. Elin is all excited and she wants to send a cake and balloons up to heaven, because Ingrid likes balloons she says. Elin speaks a lot about her big sister, “Mommy, when Ingrid is done having her angel wings, she can come down and play, right? I will lend her all my dresses.” It’s so very cute and I have to laugh every time at her wise thoughts about life. But it also hurts so much when I have to tell her that angel wings don’t go away, once you have them you keep them forever. I miss her so much and I so wish that she was here and played with her siblings, but maybe she is anyway, in her own way?

We have a neighbour kid that was born 11 days after Ingrid, we were walking around with our big bellies together, pushing our buggies together, and one day I had to tell the mom that Ingrid was not going to be with us for a lot longer. Now her boy just started Kindergarten, and he’s so big already! I know it wasn’t Ingrid’s plan but I can’t help wondering how she would have looked like, what she would have been like, what she would have liked and disliked….

I miss you my little angel. Much love from mommy <3

And the honeymoon goes on…

Today I’ve been married to the most generous, loving and stunning husband EVER for 6 whole years! And what a trip it has been! A move to a different country, the birth of our first daughter Ingrid ONE day after our first wedding anniversary, Ingrid’s diagnosis, passing and funeral, the birth of our second daughter Elin and finally the birth of our third little son Victor. I’m so grateful that I have Olof as companion on this journey and I’m very much looking forward to the next coming years. I’m sure it’s going to be exciting and fun! Laughter and positivity is the only medicine 🙂 Much love!

Some days are not so easy

To share your life with an identical mini-me aged 3 1/2 is NOT easy sometimes. What happened yesterday is that my own mini-me decided to refuse getting dressed, and when dressed (her own chosen items) all of a sudden has a fit and undresses again, just as we are about to leave the house. Baby brother is already strapped in the buggy and I was running out of time as you can only leave the kids before 09 and NOT after. NOT COOL! It did not help that I had a meeting scheduled at 09 either. I find myself standing bent over my mini-me, yelling with a high pitched voice “STOP IT” and I saw my little mini-me look up at me with a frightened look on her face. Again, NOT COOL. Now that lovely, idyllic morning scenario stayed with me like a knife in my very sensitive mother heart the whole morning. It’s sure lovely to be a parent sometimes. Just wanted to share my misery, thank you.

Time for take off of the next 30 day challenge!

OK, enough of this “haven’t slept enough”, “didn’t feel fit enough”, “I need to feel more rested…”. The next 30 day challenge is going to start early, and it’s going to be a tougher one than the shopping ban, trust me! It’s time to introduce a habit that will stick, exercise in the morning, otherwise it won’t get done regardless if I have the kids at home or not. It has to happen in the morning, if there is something in the evening as well, brilliant, but it’s not going to be an excuse to leave it out in the morning.

So from tomorrow, 12 September, I’m going to wake up between 05:30-06:00 to do either cardio or qi-gong, and it is so going to happen. 30 days, every day, so it sticks! Might as well so something positive with this “high of all highs” and “low of all lows” week ahead… Wish me luck!