Today’s steps and a little excersice

I have managed to focus on the goals we had set up during coaching yesterday, so there is a first edition of a registration form that my dear mom and co-founder has to approve. I’ve also spammed both the Swedish Church mailing list and our beloved Yahoo group Families-in-Zurich, see if that generates any response.

I’m right now reading a book by Robin Sharma, “The Leader who had no Title”, and he keeps on coming back to the importance of FOCUSING (hasn’t been my strength before, really)! So turn off Facebook, gmail, Skype, phone and YouTube and THINK/PRODUCE/STUDY for 90 minutes in one go and THEN take a break! Every time you get distracted you are losing focus and the possibility of thinking extraordinary thoughts, so go ahead and try it. I put my stop watch on for 90 minutes and when that beeps I take a break, cleaning the flat/watch a TED talk, whatever makes me relax for 30-60 minutes.

Btw, I just got back from ZUMBA and I nearly killed myself laughing the whole lesson! I’m like a big, clumsy elephant trying to dance and shake my hips, nearly poked my own eye out and tripped over my feet – HILARIOUS! But then again, that’s also exercise and what’s the point of doing something if it’s no fun, right?! I’m glad there was no camera around though 🙂 Sleep tight my friends!

Today’s steps

What an incredible day! It started off with a brilliant coaching session, feels so great to be back after the break. I feel much more focused, calm and sure about where I need to go than before the break when everything was a bit scattered and I wanted to be able to do everything myself (web design, social media etc etc etc). Now focus is with the project together with my mom as we start our courses in October – which is the family groups and seminars in co-operation with the Swedish Church here in Zurich. I have to sell the seats we have as they are very limited and focus on getting the admin part organized with payment details, registration forms and sign up forms, and of course getting help with the image/logo/web site/marketing strategy…..

Another step I’ve taken is to join ZIWA – Zurich International Women’s Association in order to get a bigger network and new ideas about what’s out there!

I also had an amazing lunch in the sun, by the water front with a very dear friend who provided me with some concrete leads, people I could work with and get help from. My “to do” list just became 2 pages longer and it’s thrilling 🙂

And no, I managed not to buy anything but 2 very needed note books today!

First weekend on my “buying stop” challenge

Not felt tempted to go in to any stores but instead what happened was a big clear out in my own and the children’s closets. It’s AMAZING how much you collect, and some things I had forgotten about, that’s how often I have been wearing them…. hmmm….I’m selling a lot on Ricardo (the Swiss equivalent of E-Bay) so it gets used by people wanting them instead of clogging my life. It feels so good to do that kind of clear out from time to time, makes you feel lighter in a weird way. Maybe it’s time to organize a big clothes swap in our neighborhood as well, saves the postage!

I did get a lot of new energy and motivation from being away in Sweden for a few weeks! It was wonderful being back in Stockholm, I had forgotten how beautiful and close the water is!

Back to reality

So holidays are over, it was lovely meeting all our friends and family in Sweden. Can’t believe it’s been a year! It’s now back to reality as October is getting closer and closer, that’s when we are going live with our family groups and lectures. I have a whole list of things to take care of but I’ve managed to tick a considerable amount off as well, regardless of the tropical heat that has swept across the country the last few days.

It’s really exciting to get back to my projects after a well needed break from it all. Some ideas have had time to grow, some have been discharged and some are completely new. I hope you will find it interesting to follow 🙂

The first new thing for this blog are 30 day challenges to improve life, health, finance and creativity. Let’s kick off with the first one: not to buy anything new for myself for 30 days. That includes shoes, clothes and accessories. Now why would I do that? Well, it’s time to start using what I have and re-think spending and I think this will be a good start-off exercise. I’ve started to follow a cool Swedish blog ( written in Swedish though) to see what good challenges there are to get inspired from.

Hope you will get inspired too along the way! Take care!