Stupid little monkey with a baseball bat

I have a monkey sitting on my head with a baseball bat, hitting me for every “failure” or “could have done better” and today I stumbled upon this very well written vision board on line and it totally made sense! Well, now that I’ve identified the Saboteur I’m also going to build myself a vision board, with the stupid little monkey in the middle and lots of “put me down’s” around it. That way I have an image and a name for the “Saboteur” that keeps haunting my bigger vision and I hope it will make it easier telling the monkey off instead of beating myself up!

I’m off for a long, nice holiday but when I’m back I have a challenge to start on the blog.. Keep posted… Much love!

What if…

One of the few things we can be very sure about in life it that it’s going to end one day.

And when it does, and you sit there on your little cloud looking back on what you did with your life you realize that you have just spent your time at THE BIGGEST FUNFARE EVER. What if all you have dared to do is to sit on a bench and watch it all, not tried any of the rides (not even the kiddy ones), not tasted the cotton candy, not bought a single lottery ticket, not played any of the games and not talked to any of the other kids there. WHAT A SHAME and waste that would be!

Go out and DARE TO LIVE the life you were meant to be living! No regrets and much love!


Say hi to my Celebration Bowl!


Hi all, let me introduce you to my Celebration Bowl! I went and saw a dear friend yesterday and we talked about my “voice”. That voice in my head that is constantly putting me down, complaining, blaming, telling me what I forgot, what I missed, what I did wrong or laughing that mean laughter when I disappointed myself… yes, that voice! That voice has managed to push me forward to the neat the price of not stopping ONCE to celebrate all the beautiful, meaningful and life changing things that I have done for myself and for others. Now, the time has come to lovingly send that voice on it’s way to where it belongs, and leave me to grow and do the great things that I’m here to do. So in this bowl you are now seeing 4 kilos that I’ve lost since May (incl. the 2 clothes sizes), the intense pain I had in my left arm that I healed myself from, the two blogs I’ve created from scratch and getting traffic to and the fact that I dared to take the plunge and start this journey.

Well, it was just too bloody expensive to celebrate with a pampering of some kind for all of this that I’ve done in just 2 months time so it was time to get creative 😉 Much love!


Todays activity: Vision Board Scrapbooking….

Today’s view from my desk! I’m building myself a whole vision board BOOK with ideas, vision, customer base, budget, well, all that should be in a business plan but with pictures, texts, and a lot of glue – AND IT’S FUN!!!!! Just wanted to share that today. Have a lovely day wherever you are in the world. Much love!

I’m doing it!!!!

I’m actually doing it!! First of all I’ve found yet another a brilliant partner for our business, I’ll tell you about it all later but it’s going to be SMASHING! Second, I’ve managed to get this blog into a .com world so now I can brag about having my very own .com address:

Third I’ve managed to find back to my focus which I lost on Friday, well, I will always have good days and less good ones and that’s OK but Friday was a “need to escape down town for a coffee” kind of day. I have found the perfect book for me regarding business planning, a book that takes me back to the FUN of going on this journey. It’s called “The right brain business plan” by Jennifer Lee and it looks more like a scrapbooking/create vision boards/draw kind of book in comparison with the business school ones I have (and haven’t been able to finish as I got so frustrated and also very bored reading….). I’m not saying that that’s not needed too but I really needed to come back to the fun and play and not think of this as yet another demanding, boring, frustrating JOB. This journey is supposed to be inspiring, not another “have to”.

It’s time to pick up the kids now, but tomorrow it’s time to start getting down on paper (and preferably on line) a NAME and some little steps towards a smashing web site for our idea. It will now cover courses/seminars in both Swedish, English and some of it in German in subjects ranging from positive pregnancy to positive parenting!! So if you have any fun, inspiring, cool names for a business like that PLEASE leave a comment down below.


Just saw the most amazing TED talk

Adora Svitak  – what an amazing kid!! And luckily I’ve got two adorable ones myself that I can learn from! I’m so going to start bringing Elin adn Victor in to helping me create and DREAM BIGGER! I’m tired of feeling stressed that I’m not DOING anything or getting anything done when they are around, it should be the opposite! It should be a privilege to see them create, start using new words, building things out of “nothing”, climbing, fantasizing, painting, playing, dressing up. It’s time to twist the focus a bit and stop being to god damn ADULT all the time. THANK YOU ADORA for waking me up from my dazed state of motherhood!

Pushed the “send” button!

So, today our first e-mail has gone out regarding the parent groups and seminars we are starting in cooperation with the Swedish Church here in Zürich, my mom and I! And we already have our two first participants!! We are going to arrange seminars with the following topics (see below), first in Swedish but then also in English. It’s just so cool to see it all come together, it’a actually happening! Our next step is to get ourselves a web site, the Drupal for Dummies book is ordered and then I can start playing around with it a bit. I also showed our concept to Elin & Victor’s doctor and she IMMEDIATELY wanted to post it  in her practice. SHe said it’s very important subjects and she knows a lot of people who would like this kind of information. I’ll send her a copy when it looks a bit nicer! Here is a part of the mail that went out today:

The Swedish Parent Group Model:

Every meeting is including a description of the child’s development, both physical, psychological and social. The course is divided into 7 meetings over the course of a year, so you sign up for all 7 meetings. This means that you also get to know the other participants and get better quality meetings.

The child’s age: Discussion Points:
Circa 2 months How was the birth? Expectations, breast feeding/feeding. How is the family doing? The possibility to get help and baby sitting.

Child care – when it’s time to go back to work.

Colic, crying, spots/rashes, throwing up, colds, child safety.

3 – 4 months How is the family doing?Feeding and sleeping.

Baby swimming, sibling relationships, teething, tummy bugs.

5 – 6 months How is the family doing?Infections, fever seizures, First Aid, poisoning, feeding and sleeping.
6 – 7 months How is the family doing?Child safety, shyness, feeding and sleeping.
8 – 9 months How is the family doing?Read to the child, library and culture, bilingualism. Feeding and sleeping.
9 – 10 months How is the family doing?Child safety, feeding and sleeping.
11 – 12 months How is the family doing?Child’s contact with other children, play, fights.

Theme Seminars:

  • Children that doesn’t want to sleep, and/or wakes up in the night during the first year of life.
  • Children 1-3 years old that doesn’t want to sleep, and/or wakes up in the night.
  • Children that don’t want to eat or are eating very little during the first year of life.
  • Children 1-3 years old that don’t want to eat or are eating very little.
  • Infections and and common child diseases.
  • Potty training
  • Child safety and First Aid
  • How to support the child’s development during the first year of life.
  • Practical and child friendly food tips
  • How do you get the family puzzle to work?
  • Postnatal depression
  • Multilingual children