The word is out!

Today I’ve spread flyers around the neighborhood about ParentHoodBinz, I’m very curious how it will be received! My mom and I are working on a business idea as well, and that is moving along very nicely indeed so look out for another web site/blog launch soon. Life is a perfect opportunity to try things out, even if it means sticking out a bit from the safe existence in the crowd and believe in what you are doing. Also it’s too short to be afraid to follow what makes FUN instead of obey to conformity (just read this lovely picture poster, it says it all). Well, it’s easy to pursue your dreams when you have a supportive family and friends so a BIG THANK YOU to all of you. My intentions for the next coming week is to research the topic of blogging and the subjects I need to cover for our project. I truly believe that we have the ability to help a lot of families both in Swedish and in English. Stay tuned….

Strategies to Success

What an inspirational day! Went for a lecture in the afternoon about strategies to success held by three lovely, intelligent women at the American Women’s Club here in Zurich. Got some really valuable tools with me, SMART goals in a refreshed version and some cool insights about myself and my values. For you that haven’t heard about SMART it stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic / or todays version REWARDING and Timely. I needed to hear that today as yesterdays coaching session was a bit blurry and sort of unprepared from my part. Sleep has been an issue and I have been so tired in the morning so I haven’t been working out as often as I should and that makes me more tired and unfocused, so vicious circle. You would think that I, who have direct access to a sleep expert (my inspirational mom) would have come further in sleep training my children, but  no. So that is my first SMART goal to set for the week, I’ll be brave and post it up hen it’s written down 🙂

Some other cool quotes that I got out from today:

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Albert Schweitzer

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

“Success is living a full and balanced life in partnership with others to create a joyful feeling of love, contribution, appreciation and abundance, despite how our endeavours may turn out.” Susan Jeffers

Life is trying to tell me something

It’s fascinating and almost magical…. The last couple of weeks I have had real heart to heart talks with a few of my friends and had the honor to be there and observe them as they find out what they really want with their lives, to see their faces light up or their tone of voice change dramatically as they “hit gold”! It’s such an amazing feeling and I could probably just live off that feeling alone! Thank you for letting me be there and see this happening (you know who you are 😉 ). I’m slowly realizing (but then again, it’s nothing new) that it might be time to do some career changes towards that kind of job myself, well, I’m living and breathing HUGE change right now, but why not strive for even bigger goals as I’m the process anyway?!

First things first though, my intention for next week is to get a core business idea going together with my brilliant mother so we can reach out to those having eating and sleeping difficulties with their babies and small children. So now I have to dive into the fun world of business plan designing! Also to see how far I can get on learning the basics of Drupal web site design, so if anyone out there is an expert PLEASE give me a shout!

Much love and have a GREAT weekend!!


One step at the time, right?! ;-)

One step after another has led me to where I sit today, that is with a dream of creating a business of my own, to spend more of my precious time with my family and grow mentally and spiritually. This morning I wrote about trying to stop running around like a headless chicken and here is how I’m going to do that, and you are going to play a BIG part in it…. Accountability, we have all heard it and we probably know how effective it is so I’m going to set my intentions HERE on my BLOG for all of you to read so there is no escape, no blame, no “I’ll do it later” attitudes, and you can then share in the fun of seeing IF and HOW it manifested! Sounds like fun?

Here we go, my intention for tomorrow is to have a great meeting with friends and fellow moms that I haven’t seen in a long while and I’m sure it will generate in some great ideas, leads and sharing that will benefit us all. Also, I will read a manual about how to run a successful blog (really…) that I came across today. For you who have heard of Yaro Starak, you know that it’s powerful stuff! My intention is for my blogs to run profitably almost by itself so that I can spend more time on my community building and bringing us neighbors, fellow citizens and earthlings closer together which I do for the greater good and not to generate a profit (yet). See how I get on, and please leave a comment! Much love!

Qigong update

Hi all! Went swimming this weekend and I could now take normal breast strokes with my arm not hurting!!! In December last year I could not take one single stroke without nearly fainting!

What I now need to embrace is the calmness of the mind that they speak about in my book, or peace or whatever you might call it. I slip very easily in to anger, frustration, a sense of “victim to outer causes”, all of that slows me down, makes me lose focus and it needs to go away. Again, time to get organized and set the intentions for the day already before going to bed the day before so I don’t end up running around like a headless chicken between all those thinks I think I need to do before I start what’s really important…. It won’t be easy but it’s absolutely going to happen.  It’s silly because I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, but knowing and acting on it is not yet as aligned as it needs to be. I’ll keep you posted…. Much love!

Not all is easy

Yesterday was a perfect example, I’m under pressure, I get angry and frustrated, I panic, things start to go wrong and I feel like a victim under something or someone external/something that is out of my control (which is obviously not true as I’m the creator). This happened regardless of what I had previously heard in this really cool interview the same morning, about how thoughts and behaviors are linked.  He also talks about how important it is to learn to live in the present, to start attracting the things you want in life and not the opposite, how powerful we are and how we create our own universe. So I have quite a lot of rehearsing to do, to get to know why these emotions get triggered whenever I’m under pressure and feel like a victim. Instead of getting angry with myself I’m going to take yesterday as a really good example, that is why I’m going to document exactly how I felt, what happened and then start relearning that behavior – get conscious of unconscious behavior and find my natural state of being and step out of the “survival instincts” that trigger stress and panic like yesterday. That breaks the body down and can lead to disease, and that is NOT an option! Time to get aligned and start to meditate on this before I actually own my own business. It’s time to get the unconscious on my side and start operating from a calm, sure, safe and happy source of being!!

Size shredding!

Hahahaha, went shopping the other day and I can’t believe that I’m back to my old size in trousers and tops!! I’ve shredded TWO sizes (the old pregnancy kilos and curves are going to be history in a very short while…). Nothing tastes as good as fit feels and I can absolutely agree on that one.

My weeks task is to move over from BLOG to proper WEB PAGE and I’ve signed up for two .com addresses, I’ll keep you updated with the links when I’m ready. Still waiting for the approval mail from the company though and it’s costing me a lot of time. But then again, Victor ended up with a bad eye infection and was not allowed in the day care today (or tomorrow) so I’ve had very limited time to sit and work. Well, there is time to take from and I’m sure I’ll get it done within my dead line on Friday.

Tonight I have my second activity lined up for the ParentHoodBinz crowd, an evening walk. The weather is not great, rainy and cold but I do hope that I’m not going to be alone… Tomorrow I have the third activity, an afternoon picnic by the play ground and then that’s it for the weekly activities! Looking forward to hear some feedback and see what more could be done. It WILL be a success 🙂 Love and be well!

So cool!

I’ve arranged my first meet up activity here in Binz this morning! Had a turn up of 7 adults + toddlers and babies, fantastic!

Started the morning with 30 min Qigong and then had time to read a bit in my book, also about Qigong. I saw this amazing interview with a lady named Dr Effie Chow and it inspired me to get both the DVD and the book that was mentioned on her web site, fascinating stuff! I’ve made a deal with myself to give Qigong a 6 week go to see if my arm, shoulder and neck will get better and also if it will help me lose more weight and stop my knees from making funny sounds. I’ve written down all my aches and pains that I want to get rid of and decided to be responsible for it myself. As this lady says in this book I read: “Giving individuals the power to determine and manage their own health and destinies is the secret of true healing” (Miracle Healing from China – Qigong, Charles T. McGee, M.D). I will keep you all posted on my progress, as I truly believe in this form of healing. I don’t want to be “lazy” anymore and just rely on some doctor to fix me with drugs, I have a purpose why I want to be healthy and that is going to motivate me.

It’s official!

I just posted a few posters about ParentHoodBinz around the neighborhood! We have our first activity on Monday, the Monday Morning Coffee which will be a good start of the week. I really hope that people are going to appreciate that there is now a possibility to get to meet neighbors in an easy and fund way, and also in both German and English (and whatever other language, the more the merrier)! It’s the first step in my journey as an entrepreneur, so I’m really really excited! I also found a helpful web page regarding successful blogging, so I’m going to watch and learn and hopefully you will all see the results here pretty soon. The weather has been absolutely brilliant today so we had a nice, long walk down from Uetliberg this morning. The whole family got exercise and fresh air, well, Victor was actually sleeping in the buggy the whole time. Time for Saturday evening on the balcony!


So I’m sitting here browsing through the Facebook news feed and “stumble” on to this link, just as I was having a bit of doubt about my ability to build something on line… Do I have the right idea? The right finances? The right courage and drive? And boom, there she is telling me about something that makes me feel OF COURSE I can build something of value on line and OF COURSE I can use my passion and my drive to “make it”! So what is my passion? It’s to help others, to get people to connect, to make a difference in this world for the better, to contribute towards happy, loving and secure families, to promote the Law of Attraction and the fact that we are all interconnected and more powerful than we ever thought we were, that we can and will create a more peaceful and loving world and find the necessary force to turn it around for the better. Now THAT is something wirth spreading and building around I think! Have a lovely day all!