I’m going to admit, for the first time in 3 weeks I’ve been cheating. No exercise in the morning, as I got woken up in the middle of the night (no, not the kids but a bloody thunder storm), been cheating on the water drinking  and also not been strict on the food. Result: I feel awful, tired and moody. Well, it shows that it is SOOOO very important what you do with your body in a day, now I know why I’m going to continue with the new and skip the old. It’s just to painful to mistreat yourself, d’oh! So tomorrow I will start with my exercises, drink my water religiously and eat good stuff ONLY. Have a long to do list for tomorrow so better have a good start 🙂


Now, a nice and organized work environment is vital. Time for a trip to good, old IKEA!! Need a big pin board to stick all my vision board stuff on so I don’t lose focus, it’s hard as it is to sit home alone and not lose focus. Had a great Meetup at Starbucks this morning, met lots of interesting and inspiring people and then a great coach session, thanks E for all your support!! I’m so glad I decided on getting that support so I don’t get too scared and quit.

Rock on!

It’s coming together! I’m learning WordPress, and I’ve started TWO blogs in the last few days! I’ve written like 10 action plans, I’m working on a data base and I’m getting the exercise I need to feel better and happier. I’m really excited about this project. Tomorrow is a long day with lots of interesting meetings planned 🙂

PC/Mac play up

Now this is going to be my personal testimony only, business blog is moved to ParentHoodBinz Blog so I don’t have to mix them… I’m so frustrated with the computer issue, trying to set up the blogs with nice pic’s and stuff and the Mac just do not do what I’m used to and the PC has decided to strike. Just not moving forward and getting stuck on tech stuff, grrrrrr…. Anyway, a part from that the health aspects of the program is proceeding in the right direction. I’m getting the 30 minute work out in the morning before the kids wake up, and I feel a lot more relaxed getting a good start for myself in the morning. The food bit is also getting easier and easier and the “nothing tastes as good at fit feels” has really taken root in my subconscious and I chose the healthy alternative with a lot more ease now. A good motivator is that the clothes are starting to feel a bit looser every day and I don’t have to struggle to get up from the floor or pain when I carry my children. So more of that please! I AM going to master the Mac/PC issues, that is the goal for today.

Here we go…

The corporate job is no longer, a coach has been hired, a Facebook group page has been created, a blog is taking it’s first staggering little steps, an action plan is being sketched upon and the whole kitchen door is full of Post-Its. Now, to set up a blog was a bit more challenging that I had thought and then mix it with the new experience going from PC to iMac in the process did not make it less challenging, but absolutely doable. The list is long for tomorrow and I want to get some meet up events started for next week already, want this to be the pilot run for the “real deal”. The blog is going to be my way of keeping record of what’s happening and when, help me keep track on my progress and reaching of one goal after the other. I read somewhere that Goals are Dreams with a dead line, and that is now plastered over my computer as I write. So please feel free to join me on my journey from corporate stress to entrepreneurial bliss (?). Soon two little kids will be picked up from day care and the entrepreneur will put on the mommy hat for the evening, which is a very nice hat indeed! Let’s see where it all ends!